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Serving the Upstate Area for Over 100 Years
Repairs & Maintenance

Piper Roofing’s Service & Maintenance Department has 4-6 crews that handle roof repair, preventative maintenance, installation of roof penetrations, and 24-hour emergency leak repair service.

Architectural Sheet Metal

Metal roofs are made to withstand decades of use, but they can't do so without careful maintenance. Our commercial metal roof repair service takes care of that for you by fixing leaks, fastener damage, and moisture infiltration.

Roof Assessments

Annual proactive roof assessments help to ensure that Repair & Maintenance items are identified and addressed before they result in pain and annoyance for the occupants under the roof. We will then provide a detailed report with pictures and a plan for your roofing needs.

Commercial Roofing

In spite of the longer lifespans afforded them by modern technology, every roof must be replaced eventually. When the time comes, there's no better company for commercial roof replacement in the upstate of SC, than J.A. Piper Roofing.


Sometimes the owner doesn’t have the option of re-roofing or is simply trying to extend the life of the existing roof system. This is where a coating can be beneficial to help prolong the life of the existing roof and typically get a manufacturer’s warranty.

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