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Roof Assessments

Annual proactive roof assessments help to ensure that Repair & Maintenance items are identified and addressed before they result in pain and annoyance for the occupants under the roof. We will then provide a detailed report with pictures and a plan for your roofing needs. During the assessment, we also collect information to supply the owner with budgets for future repairs or replacement. J.A. Piper Roofing uses a web-based roof program to capture, upload, and report existing roof conditions or deficiencies and to make repair recommendations.

We understand that a roof is a major investment and a permanent addition to your facility. As such, we make taking this step easier by offering a free commercial roof assessment. When you arrange one of these, we send a contractor out to your property to inspect your current roof's condition and give professional recommendations on what to do next. Our commercial roof service ranges from preventive maintenance to repairs to total roof replacement, and it's important to know which is the best option.

With a free assessment, you receive this information without having to make a financial commitment. The most important thing to us is that your roof keeps you dry, your building watertight, and that you are completely satisfied with whatever service we provide you.

Please contact Dan Jarratt for more information on assessments or surveys.

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