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Commercial Roofing


In spite of the longer lifespans afforded them by modern technology, every roof must be replaced eventually. When the time comes, there's no better company for commercial roof replacement in the upstate of SC, than J.A. Piper Roofing. We work with all business owners and property management companies to achieve quality replacement, both in general and in emergencies. Whether your roof has been devastated by a storm or has simply aged past its prime, our contractors have all of the skills, training, and tools to remove it and put a new one in its place.

Our decades of experience in this field qualify us for even the biggest jobs. That's why we're proud to offer roof replacement as part of our commercial services. From small storefronts to major manufacturing facilities, our commitment to efficiency and quality are the same. We work around your schedule and offer strong warranty coverage for all new roofs, so there's no reason to deprive your business of that beautiful roof any longer.


In some instances, there is no reason to tear off your existing roof assembly. Our services include commercial reroof, which layers a new roof assembly on top of your old one. This saves you time and money and preserves materials too. Unfortunately, however, it is not feasible on every facility. If you or a previous owner have had a reroof before or if there are major issues with the existing roof, reroofing could be dangerous. Rest assured, we only reroof when it is safe and financially sensible to do so.

You can easily find out whether a commercial reroof or replacement is the right option for you by arranging a free assessment. Our contractors are well-trained to inspect a roof's condition and the number of roofs in place. We quickly let you know whether you're better off with a re-roof or a total replacement.

Contact Dan Jarratt for more information about Commercial Roofing.

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