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Architectural Sheet Metal


 Metal roofs are made to withstand decades of use, but they can't do so without careful maintenance. Our commercial metal roof repair service takes care of that for you by fixing leaks, fastener damage, and moisture infiltration. We've been working with metal roofs for more than 100 years and know each issue when we see it, as well as how to fix it. Our company works with all major roofing manufacturers and is familiar with the products of each. This helps us work much faster and do a better job than a general contractor.

The quicker we can perform the repairs, the less likely you are to need premature replacement. Be sure to let us know as soon as you notice any problems because we want you to enjoy your metal roof to its fullest potential.


There are many reasons to choose a metal roof. Our commercial metal roof installation is one of the most affordable long-term investments you can make because metal roofs last for decades. They don't spark or catch fire from lightning and can handle strong winds much better than other roofs.

A metal roof could even save you money. The material reflects heat away from your building, meaning you won't need to work your HVAC unit quite so hard. This helps you save on energy costs and keeps your customers and employees comfortable. Plus, when you eventually need commercial metal roof replacement, you can recycle the material and help give back to the environment.


J.A. Piper Roofing operates a complete metal shop with both computer-controlled and hand-fabricating machines with ample storage space. We have multiple crews that can hand-fashion custom, decorative copper roofs or roll out thousands of square feet in either standing seam or architectural metal panels with protective Kynar finishes. J. A. Piper Roofing is home to one of the largest sheet metal shops in the upstate and has the latest and best equipment to fabricate metal for any project.

Contact James Garmon for more information about Architectural Sheet Metal

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